Veles Capital

June 2013
Programmed and administered by the client.

Veles Capital is dating from the earliest days of the investment business in Russia. Since 1995 the executive board remains unchanged so special attention is paid to the maintenance of traditions – a commitment to conservative policy and demonstrating steady growth.

Black and white illustrations reflect the company’s philosophy – they are metaphors of a sort, meaning ‘past and present’, stylized as pencil drawings. Those illustrations have been integrated into a modern, but at the same time, low-key design. We haven’t just shown the company’s history but have also drawn attention to steady achievements, growth and the talent to foresee market behavior.

This approach also articulates the concept of investments themselves – everything starts with a piece of paper where a task takes shape. This process does take time but under the supervision of real professionals the result is always nicely predictable.

As a result, the website’s design [reflects the intellectual nature of the organization – I think this is what you mean] has gained the image of an intellectual organization – the people who know their way around not just economic functions but also classic literature and arts.