Machine building manufacturing enterprise was founded as a part of Selkhoztekhnika RPA factory back in 1999. Now it is one of the key serial manufacturers of production machinery for the Russian market. For this company we have created a website where an interested user can easily find key information about the enterprise’s manufacturing and product range. Functions for making enquiries and for ordering items are also available. The main page immediately introduces the visitor to a basic series of products and brand new ‘non-serial’ models produced by the company’s factory.

The products catalogue is a much more advanced search engine. You can narrow a search down by choosing not only the equipment group but also the material you will be working with.

Every flypage features maximum information which is arranged to minimize the risk of any confusion. All the customers’ feedback, picture galleries, the detailed descriptions of technical features and user’s manuals are just a click away. Each flypage shows only the starting price. To calculate a full price you should go to your shopping cart and choose the required specifications.

Those who have made their decision can choose the product’s specifications and number of units, before placing an order. Those who are still thinking can look at the configuration data sheet for each group of products. Everything but the most essential information is hidden and shown with a click.

The website has other sections as well, featuring articles, research and details of services. The Contact page features a static screen-width map. Right under the map, you can see the phone numbers of the factory and both information and service centers.