Riga Arbitration Court

October 2003

The distinctive feature of The Riga Arbitration Court’s (RAC) style of business is its highest professionalism and quality of work. "To see into the claim quickly, objectively and comprehensively" – this is the concept while solving the disputes. RAC guarantees receipt of a judgment without tiresome bureaucratic procedures and excessive charges.Avoiding stereotypes. Caps, cloaks, gray-haired wigs and the scales of justice are absolutely absent on a new site of the Riga Arbitration court. Creative heads avoided traditional style and projected all the essence on an ordinary hockey field. Business is so dynamical, aggressive and rigid that it is similar to a hockey match. In this game for the sake of a prize contenders are ready to use any infringements which lead to disputable situations between teams. And in such cases only the judge can consider the dispute objectively, comprehensively and fair.