PUMB Touch

December 2013
Programmed and administered by the client.

In addition to the main PUMB website, we have designed the promo-page of the PUMB Touch youth service package.It’s a banking product for young and ambitious people who like fun and interesting pursuits, who’re not afraid of taking the initiative, who know how to enjoy life with friends.

Apart from basic information about the car and its benefits, the page contains current information about possible discounts and privileges, as well as announcements about forthcoming special offers. To get the PUMB Touch card, you just have to fill in a simple form, and a bank representative will contact you with more information.

PUMB Touch youth service package has 8 cards in total. Each has its unique design and own character. Choosing each card changes not only the main image in the promotional block, but also the color scheme of the whole website accordingly to a particular card color.