PUMB 2014

The 2014 annual report is the final part of the PUMB annual reports trilogy describing the bank’s work processes and results over the last few years.

The report is divided into 8 main parts and for each of their covers we used pictures of the bank employees as they graphically represent each section’s theme.

Each section is a big landing page with varied information.

The annual report features a large amount of financial data, charts and statistics. See some examples of such information displayed below:

The accessible manner of presenting the information makes it interesting to explore, even for non-professionals.

At the bottom of each page the automatic transition to the next section is designated. The menu features the full content of the report.

We have also created a PDF version of the report, doing our best to preserve the visual style of the web-version.

The 2014 annual report beautifully covers the final period of the PUMB annual reports trilogy.