September 2012

Metropol is a large international capital group with a Russian financial foundation. It has been established on the international capital market for many years and in 2012, in co-operation with FXCM, a large international broker, it unveiled its new project – the Metropol-FOREX company. It is the only forex-company in Russia with stocks listed on NYSE. For Metropol-FOREX we’ve created a website which offers reliable and current information along with the opportunity to speculate on the stock exchange. That’s why the website features detailed news feeds, sections with unique international stock markets’ case analysis analyses and lots of information tables.

The macroeconomic statistic calendar data change independently, with live updates.

Metropol-FOREX not only allows you to open an account, it also provides detailed information on each type of account. Each account type is accompanied by its own icon which helps users to feel confident about the website data flow.

The website features a broad list of different sections. Apart from various types of registration, news feeds/ analytical materials, flow-of-fund and financial measure tables, you can also find a considerable educational section with video tutorials. It’s available to authorized users.