HKM Holding Limited

HKM Holding Ltd is an engineering company which connects western suppliers with Asian companies and Russian enterprises. Being a part of the Kuznetsky Most group it plays a key role in engineering equipment supplies. For HKM Holding Ltd we’ve developed a user friendly promo-site where you can easily find information about the company’s services and read the latest news about the logistics business and engineering technologies. The website’s main page is not overloaded with vast quantities of information. You see only the elegant bare minimum: a photo with a Hong Kong night view, information about the company and synopses of the latest news. The website has three language options: Russian, English and Chinese.

Each interior page features a photo of Asia’s financial capital as well.

The ‘Contacts’ page contains not only standard information with the headquarters’ address but also a 360--degree panoramic view. Everyone can enjoy a tour over Hong Kong’s harbor and skyscrapers.