Garmoniya Sveta

September 2012

Garmoniya Sveta is a company that has been providing lighting equipment services for more than 10 years. Its portfolio includes lighting solutions for companies like Gazprom and Russian Media Group.Developing the company’s website we decided to graphically demonstrate the great capabilities of lighting architecture. This is why the portfolio with pictures takes the key position on its pages.

Searching for the colors‘ layout solution has led us to the counterpoint. The orange color, complemented by the sun symbol, means light. Black stands for the total opposite: darkness. The associations are absolutely foolproof.

The website’s content is not only illustrative, but also informative. The news feed and archive show you what’s going on in the world of lighting engineering. The website also offers the registration opportunity for all who are interested, i.e. architects, projecting and construction companies’ representatives, wholesale and retail sellers and buyers.

All the website’s visual content, including location maps, takes the page’s entire width.

On top of everything else, the website contains a detailed catalogue of all the equipment available.