Forex Club

January 2014
Programmed and administered by the client.

Forex Club offers internet-trading services all over the world. For investors’ and managers’ personal benefit we have created a new interface version – Libertex, which allows the appraisal and choice of traders for investment management.The system is now intuitive even for those users who are encountering a web-interface or investment in general for the first time.

The extended format of managing traders clearly demonstrates the key figures of a manager’s investment portfolio.The user-friendly filtration system allows you to get the most detailed data.

Expanding data in a table using horizontal scrolling.

A list of active investments with the option to see relevant detailed information on the same page.

Grouped investments list.

An opportunity to independently create a set of managers and choose traders.

The site imposition and programming is performed by the client, so we prepare the detailed partition’s internal specification.{custom-html:sf-filling|image:/files/upload/markitup/constructor-dsc.jpg|height: 453}