Benone is a Russia-based manufacturer of textiles with Italian origins and partnerships all over Europe. The company has been creating its products for 8 years in Russia only, providing a full package of services from initial concept to realization and application. The undoubted priority whilst crafting the this website was the image-building component creating an outstanding first impression of a trustworthy and professional company. The website features many of the company’s products, useful information about draperies and the current fabrics catalogue.

The portfolio consists only of the most important information and navigation enables easy switching between the room types, as well as looking at completed projects or specific designers’ work to choose a certain specialist for interior designing.

The catalogue has a user-friendly gallery, enabling one to easily view the accessories without reloading the page. This speeds up the process of dealing with a large number of examples.

The concept of the Drape Types page is educating less advanced users on terminology and providing useful information to help them get their bearings in the diverse world of fabrics.

Comfort is in the details!